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Thrifted DIY - Faux Terra-Cotta Vases

Lately, I have been so drawn to the more earthy decor, full of warm tones, textures & lots of greenery! You can see the style in my YouTube video! One thing that has also caught my eye has been all of the terra-cotta vases that have started trending lately. But the thing that hasn't caught my eye has been the price tag. It never fails, that when something from the past pops up in the trends, the stores catch on quickly, and put a fancy new price tag on those old decor style pieces... but I have a way to have the new trends without the new price!

I recently went thrifting & found several super affordable glass vases (really nothing special about any of them) you may even have a few laying around your home! But I found a few in different sizes & shapes, and brought them home with me.

Then the magic happened! I grabbed some white/off white chalkboard paint that I had on hand, along with some brown & orange acrylic paint & a sponge brush. I first mixed the acrylic paints together until I created the color I wanted, then added some chalk paint (no measurements... just mix until you get the color you like), just make sure to add enough chalk paint to make it look "chalk-y" lol Then I painted each vase with a total of 3 coats, letting it (mostly) dry between coats - I'm pretty impatient when it comes to this type of thing, so just know this is super easy & forgiving!! And voila!! Just like magic, you have some super adorable {terra-cotta} pots & the best part is that no would guess you didn't spend a paycheck decking your home out with them! I hope you try this out & also, I haven't tried this yet, but if you used a grey acrylic paint instead of the brown/orange, I bet it would look like a faux cement pot! Let me know if you try these out!! Love you guys!! XO ♡amanda

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