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How to :: Decorate on a Budget!

Hey guys!! If you've been following me on YouTube at This Crazy Life, you know I've been down with a broken foot & painful & complicated ear infection! Although I'm taking some rest & a much needed reset break, I wanted to share some low-budget decorating tips with you!

  • Shop your home!

This is always my first tip for staying on a budget. And be creative when "shopping". For example, in my recent bathroom makeover at my sister's apartment, we reused a jewelry holder as a towel holder! It worked perfectly and costed us absolutely nothing! **pictured below on the left is (before) being used as a jewelry holder & on the right is (after) being used as an adorable hand towel holder!

  • Throw pillow covers!

Buy inserts once, & buy covers to change the style, color, or mood of the room, on a budget! This can be an easy way to switch out your decor depending on the season, without needing to purchase or store so many pillows! I tend to get most of my throw pillow inserts + covers from Amazon, and have saved the ones I love in my Amazon Favorites!

  • Thrift!

Be open-minded when browsing a thrift store or online marketplace. You can find tons of pieces with good bones that just need a little TLC! On my vlog channel, I shared a Thrift Shop With Me, when I was searching for items to transform our guest room! You can watch that video here + my entire Room Makeover Series here!

  • Paint / Spray Paint!

I can't tell you how many things over the years I have either painted -or- spray painted from something I've thrifted, or already owned! A can of spray paint can completely transform almost anything & not only give it new life, but completely change the style of the item!

**In my DIY Faux Terra Cotta Vase blog post I shared how I transformed these inexpensive vases I had thrifted, into unique faux terra cotta vases, and they ended up completely transformed! You can also see in my cooresponding YouTube video how I did this DIY & styled not only these "new" vases, but my entire bedroom on a budget!

  • Online shopping apps!

Using apps like TopCashBack, Drop, or Honey to either earn cash back while shopping, OR help you find the best deal or discount code! - it's literally free money for buying the things you're already purchasing... so why not!? Most of these have apps and browser extensions depending if you're shopping on your phone or computer!

  • Remove things!

You don't always have to "add more" to decorate a space. Sometimes removing things from a room or space can make a HUGE difference! Too many items can overwhelm a space, and sometimes having less can help you focus on things you love more. So often I find that less IS more & can have just as big of an impact!

  • Shop discount stores!

Stores like Ross, TJMaxx, Marshalls, etc. sell unique pieces which are highly discounted! If you've been following my Room Makeover Series on my YouTube channel for a while, you know lots of my favorite decor items are from these stores! I also love sharing deals for items found online on the app LIKEtoKNOWit so if you're not following me there, definitely do, so you don't miss any special deals or items I'm loving & sharing!

I hope these tips inspire you to start on that space you've always wanted to refresh. And keep in mind, It doesn't need to be a huge expense!

Be sure to tag me over on Instagram @thiscrazylifevlog & share with me if you've used any of these tips!

Love you guys!

XO, Amanda

Several of my favorite finds!!



clara max
clara max

Its too hard to decorate a home on a budget, because everything is getting pricey day by day, without any sale offers its hard for me to buy, anyways I wanna tell your ideas are just mind-blowing, your idea of spray paint is damn good, I got glass decoration pieces from now I am thinking to follow your suggestion and completely change the look of my decoration pieces.



Have you already announced your giveaway winners



Oh my gosh! Even with all your medical challenges, you are productive. That's motivating! I love your videos and right now I'm in the process of buying a house. So this new venture of yours is perfect for me. Hope a lot of people will love it to.


Celia Brilhante
Celia Brilhante

I really hope you are feeling better ❤️ miss you on YouTube both channels


Mona Skelly
Mona Skelly

I love watching your videos. I get alot of ideas. Keep up the awesome work you do. I hope you feeling better xx

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