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Basement Makeover :: Episode 2

Hey guys!! I'm so excited to share my Basement Makeover :: Episode 2 of our basement transformation series with you guys! Today, I'm doing a makeover of my youngest son, Noah's bedroom! If you've been following me on my YouTube Channel, you have a good idea of Noah's true LOVE for Mustangs! He was so excited to see his new room makeover, and I can't wait to share with you guys too! (I included his reaction to his new space at the end of the video!) I'll also be sharing some of my best makeover tips along the way!

Clean Up & Declutter :: Doing a quick pick-up gives you a clean slate & a fresh mind to start your makeover!

The first thing I wanted to do was clean up my area! It gives me such a clear mind to start out with a clean space. Next, I started to paint Noah's bed. I really felt that painting the unfinished wood black would help tie everything together & give a more polished look and I'm so happy I did it!

Be Flexible :: Sometimes what we envision just doesn't turn out! Having an open mind & looking at several options will help you find the best set up for you!

There will always be hiccups -- that's real life of a room makeover! It can be anything from fixing up a dresser, to touching up paint, or switching furniture around! Being as patient, flexible, and open-minded as you can be will make the experience much more fun & enjoyable!

Start Small :: Focus on one section at a time. A large area can be so overwhelming if you're trying to take it on all at once!

Noah's room is a smaller size & has some unique walls and ceiling shape, so we really had to find what would maximize the space! Focusing on one area at a time helped the task not feel so overwhelming & finding out personally what I wanted & needed the focus to be in the bedroom!

Take Your Time :: Don't feel rushed to make the space look great. Make sure you find things you LOVE & are INSPIRED by!

Gather your decor & furniture pieces over time! Don't feel pressure to get all your room makeover items in one shopping trip. It's so much more peaceful -- and less expensive -- to take your time and buy little by little! This also gives you a great opportunity to buy just what inspires you and also take advantage of sales that pop up along the way!

In this makeover especially, I let Noah take charge (for the most part), in picking his bedding & bedroom decor. I wanted to make sure the space was filled with what HE would enjoy. Then, of course, I add touches to make it look nice & put together!

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XO, Amanda

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