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Basement Makeover :: Episode 1

Hey guys! I am so excited to share our Basement Makeover with you over on my YouTube channel!! This makeover was so fun to do and it took a ton of planning! With jobs, school, and COVID-19, so many things were put on hold, but we're finally here and I am SO happy with it! The new & updated look in our basement makes it feel so homey and welcoming. This has become our favorite place to be together as a family!

In this makeover series, we will be going through each room in the basement. In today's video, we're working on the main living area! We painted walls, put together & added new furniture & lots of home decor! I can't wait to share this transformation with you guys, complete with BEFORE & AFTER shots!!

The first thing I wanted to do during this makeover is to add some color to the walls! The basement was very neutral before, so painting it with this pretty navy blue helped break it up and add some color without going too bold! I absolutely love how it turned out! Thanks to you guys for giving me your input over on Instagram & giving me the confidence to do this! I love it so much!

The bookshelf is a piece I have been so excited about, but it is also the piece I was most worried about decorating! It is just so tall and such a big space that it felt so intimidating! Something I feel is so important to remember when decorating a new space, is to being open to many changes and new ideas to find what look is your favorite!

Our couch area didn't need too much of a makeover since the rest of the basement had large statement pieces & painted walls that I didn't want to distract or add too much. Pillow covers are such a great way to add color to compliment your decor without overdoing it. I love finding pillow covers with subtle patterns and textures, to add some personality without distracting from the statement pieces in the room!

I'm so happy with the navy blue wall behind the TVs! The two blue walls compliment each other so well & break up the neutral walls, without being too much! Originally, when I bought this entertainment center, I wasn't completely in love! If you have been following me over on Instagram, you know the story.. it just never felt like it fit. Adding decor items to it like woven baskets on the shelves has helped make it look clean.

If you've been following me for a while, you know one of my favorite tips for kids is adding a "catch-all" basket for toys! During the days & weeks, the basket is an easy way to quickly pick-up and make the area look nice. When the bin gets filled up, it's time to put it away! I also love adding plants to add color, texture, & personality to a space!


  • Clean Up & Declutter :: Doing a quick pick-up gives you a clean slate & a fresh mind to start your makeover!

  • Start Small :: Focus on one section at a time. A large area can be so overwhelming if you're trying to take it on all at once!

  • Take Your Time :: Don't feel rushed to make the space look great. Make sure you find things you LOVE & are INSPIRED by!

  • Be Flexible :: Sometimes what we envision just doesn't turn out! Having an open mind & looking at several options will help you find the best set up for you!

I hope you guys enjoyed this Basement Makeover video, & it gives you some ideas for your own home! Tag me over on Instagram to show me your makeovers, big or small! I love hearing from you guys!

Love you guys!!

XO, Amanda

The items from this Basement Makeover are linked below. Items that are not linked are from Marshall's, HomeGoods, or items I already owned!

Links from this Makeover ::

  • Items not linked are from Marshalls, Home Goods, Hobby Lobby & items I already had!


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