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Summer Activities for Kids! (Free or Low Budget)

Hey guys! The school year is coming to an end, and summer is just about here! Who else is enjoying the sunshine as much as I am?! If you're anything like me, you need ideas to keep your kids entertained & help you avoid hearing those two little words we dread so much - "I'm bored!!" So today I wanted to share some fun activities I've done with my boys in the past, and I hopefully your kids will love them too!

  • Rock painting!

With inexpensive paints (paint & brushes from the dollar store would work great!), your kids can hunt for rocks & decorate them as they want! This is a great way to explore their creativity & the best part of this activity is it can be done in your backyard, and is very budget friendl! In my Amazon Favorites, I've also shared a Rock Painting Kit that comes with 10 rocks, paints & markers if you want to make it even easier on yourself or don't have access to good size rocks or other materials.

  • Summer Reading Programs!

Many local libraries provide a summer reading program with prizes to win along the way. With everything being the way it is currently, going to the library may be unavailable or not ideal, so I wanted to mention that websites such as Scholastic has a reading program that gives kids ability to win virtual prizes as they read! This makes it fun to read & helps them keep up with their reading skills while they're out of school for the summer!

  • DIY Workshops!

On the first Saturday of every month, Home Depot provides a FREE Kids Workshop! The kids get their own Home Depot apron and kit with instructions! You can take it home or build it there, where nails, hammers, and paints are provided! It's a really fun activity for them to learn to build something fun, and a great activity to do together with your child to create memories that y'all will both keep forever! You can check out your local Home Depot's website to reserve your spot.

  • Scavenger Hunts!

A few of our boys' favorite outdoor activities are riding bikes, scooters & hiking! There are so many places & things to explore when you get out of the house! Pinterest has great indoor & outdoor scavenger hunt ideas & printables to keep your outside time interesting and different every time, or if you're spending time inside, they've got you covered too! If you're not following me on Pinterest, you can find me here to get even more ideas & inspo!

  • Water play!

If you watch our vlogs, you know my boys LOVE being in the water! This can be done so many different ways: pool, water balloons, sprinklers, or water sensory table (this one is so cool + great for older kids too)! If you have a small kiddie pool or water table, adding water beads from Amazon gives the kids something new to play with in the water! Toys from the dollar store are also great water toys, like mermaid dolls or dinosaurs & bugs! Water play can even be as simple as putting on their swim suits & letting them run through the sprinklers, or turning on the hose and letting them play!

  • Get involved with nature!

It can be so simple! The dollar store sells flower seeds, and they can be planted right into a little cup of dirt! - this can teach them patience as well as let them feel proud when the seed begins to sprout! You can also make pinecone bird feeders! Find a pinecone on your hike or in your backyard! Tie a piece of string around the top to hang it up, then cover the pinecone in peanut butter and roll it in birdseed - found at your local grocery store or here! Then hang it up on your patio or a tree and your kids will love watching the birds visiting & enjoying the treat they made them!

I hope these ideas help your kids stay entertained, creative & enjoying the sunshine! Here is another blog post I shared on ideas to keep your kids entertained at home! What are your favorite low-budget summer activities to do with your kids? Tag me on Instagram @thiscrazylifevlog, if you try any of these ideas, or to share with me some of YOUR favorites!

Love you guys!

XO, Amanda

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Celia Brilhante
Celia Brilhante
16 may 2020

Love all the ideas specially the rock painting and the pinecone bird feeder definitely my favorite I'm sure my son gonna love to do that 😊 thanks

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