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Storage Closet Declutter, Organize, & Clean With Me!

Hey guys! I'm so excited to share Episode 2 of my Whole House Decluttering Series on my YouTube Channel! In today's Closet Declutter With Me video, I'm tackling my hall closet upstairs! It's looking super messy & unorganized... definitely in need of a good declutter and reorganize!

Click above to watch my Closet Declutter Organize & Clean With Me video!

I'll be sharing some of my best decluttering tips with y'all in my video, but also in the blog post below! I've found over the years what works for me, and I can't wait to see what helps you!


  1. Clean the space first

  2. Declutter one whole room/space at a time (depending on size)

  3. Don't pull everything out at once... pull things out in small chunks

I usually don't pull everything all out at once, but since this was a smaller area, I kept everything in the bins, and removed them from the closet to give it a GOOD clean! With a quick wipe down & vacuum, I was ready to tackle this project!

I started out by setting up the bins I set aside for this project, that way I know what room I have, and I can decide what I really need to keep & what I just don't have space for anymore! Then, I wrote a list of categories that I will be storing in each bin, while also taking light inventory of what I already have!

3 Q U E S T I O N S

(to ask yourself when decluttering)

How does this item benefit my daily life?

Is this truly sentimental?

Would I purchase this item again today?

One of my biggest tips for corner closets are Lazy Susans! I've found my favorites over on Amazon, and it makes the space utilized, and keeps the items easy to see & reach when you need them!

I love working with bins, because it is so customizable! You can always add or take out a bin, change the labels, or move them to different shelves if needed.

Keep in mind what is in each bin when you're placing them on your shelves. Are these kid-friendly items, or are they more for household cleaning? Keeping your bins in a purposeful place on the shelves will help you STAY organized & give function to the space.

I hope you guys found these tips to be helpful. I know they have helped me over the years, every time I declutter any space! Be sure to tag me over on Instagram & share with me your most helpful decluttering tip! I'd love to hear from you!

Love you guys!!

XO, amanda

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