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Spring Cleaning + Bedroom Refresh (Boho Farmhouse)

Spring is officially here... for the moment at least. You never know when the weather will do a 180 the other way, but for now it's here & I'm enjoying it!! The windows are open & it's inspiring me to get my home deep cleaned & refresh a few rooms in our home as well! In todays YouTube video, I'm sharing lots of spring cleaning motivation as well as tips & ideas on redecorating your space, using mostly items you have in your home already, along with a thrifted DIY that couldn't be easier!

I also mention in that video several of my favorite products I use to clean our space that I get from Grove Collaborative as well as some Amazon Favorites ( like our vacuum & jetted tub cleaner and a few decor pieces). I hope this video gives you tons of inspiration, especially if you're stuck at home & finding yourself with a little extra time to tackle some projects of your own! Let me know what your favorite part of the bedroom redecorate was, and also if there's anything, you'd like to implement into your own home decor! I love you guys!! XO ♡amanda

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