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Small Bathroom Makeover - Budget + Apartment Friendly!!

It's amazing what a room can do for you... or not do for you, depending on how it's organized & decorated! It can either serve you functionally & let you feel peace + joy when you walk into that space... or it can be an area you never like going in because you can't ever find anything, it may feel cluttered, or just not ascetically pleasing to you. But in todays YouTube video I'm going to give you several ideas on how to transform your bathroom into a place of both function + beauty! I'll also link all of the items I can find online that we used in this Bathroom Makeover down below at the bottom of this post.

The first thing I always do (especially in a small space) is to pull everything out of the room so that I can start with a clean & empty space. Then I'm very careful on what I bring back into the space, making sure it has function or it's something that really benefits the room. That way you don't have any extra pieces sneaking in a small space that done give benefit.

My next tip, is to use bright colors or neutrals, and try to stick to just a few different tones (in this makeover we used mainly white & brown with splashes of green from the faux greenery). This helps to make the space feel cohesive & also keeping with brighter tones & a contrasting tone, it gives the illusion of the space being larger than it is, while still bringing interest to the room while not making it feel overwhelming with too much going on.

Another tip is to utilize wall space as a place for decor, but also adding function! In this makeover, I used wall shelves, hung with monkey hooks (perfect for heavy items, while avoiding making huge holes in your wall). On those shelves, I added not only a few decor pieces, but also some glass jars filled with items that were previously taking up space on the counter. Also we used a cute jewelry organizer that served as decor while also holding jewelry, that was again taking up space on the counter prior.

Another thing to keep in mind, is when you do have several items that will be sitting on the counter (or any surface), when you place the items on a riser, tray or pedestal like the one we used, it makes the items feel like they belong there. They now look like they all fit together and are intentionally there!

The last tip I'll share here is to add in texture! We used glass jars, wooden decor, metal shelves, faux plants, etc.. never be afraid of texture! It will elevate your space so much when you do this!!

I hope this post + video helped you with ideas & tips! If you have more ideas, please leave a comment below or over on my YouTube video! I hope you have the best day!! Love you guys!! XO ♡amanda

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