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Painting Rooms & New Furniture

Hey family! This week's video on my YouTube Channel, I shared a video where we painted the boys' bedrooms, as well as tackled other projects in our new (to us) home in Arizona!

Click above to watch our newest video!

Since moving in to our new home, we've had so many projects we've wanted to tackle. The boys' bedrooms was definitely one of them. We really wanted to paint their walls with a neutral color to start, and we will be tackling the personalized makeovers for each of them in the future! For the base color (before we add in an accent wall to each of their bedrooms) we used Sherwin Williams Alabaster.

As for most makeovers & projects, there are always hiccups! We worked a little on setting up our game room/workout room, and it took a few different arrangements to find what fits us for now. Who knows, it may change! But for now, we found what works.

In our living room, Kyle and I worked on adding a rug to tie in the space! I was so excited when I found this rug and it finally arrived at my home. After laying it out and trying a few different arrangements, we realized it's the wrong size for the space. (typically you want at least the front feet of your furniture to be sitting on top of the rug) We ended up moving it to the master bedroom, which I'm really loving! Now just to wait for the wrinkles to settle down on it!

The boys' furniture also arrived and we were ready to put it together! This helped the boys have so much more of a functional space, and even though there is much more to do - like personalizing their rooms to each of them - we're so happy to finally give them a bed frame and dresser! I really liked how these bed frames & dressers both looked custom + high end, without needing to customize them ourselves OR spend a ton of money.

before + after

Be sure to tag me over on Instagram this week + let me know what you're up to!

Love you guys!

xo, amanda

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