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Laundry Room Makeover | Farmhouse Makeover Series :: Episode 2

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Hey guys! I'm so excited to share Farmhouse Makeover Series :: Episode 2 with you guys on my YouTube Channel today! Today, we are making over a small laundry closet (that also doubles as a linen closet)! I can't wait to share this transformation with you guys. We made this laundry closet both extremely functional & aesthetically pleasing! I'll be sharing some of my best makeover tips throughout today's blog post & in that video!

Before starting a makeover, I always ask:

What functions do I want to accomplish in this area?

In preparation for this makeover, I asked my brother & sister-in-law these questions. They said there wasn't any function, enough storage, and little organization. Their main goal was to make it esthetically pleasing, (since it's currently open to the main living area) as well as store linens, laundry & extra cleaning supplies. Knowing this allows me to go into a makeover with INTENTION, whether it's just for function, or adding some decor to brighten up a space. I get this question ALL the time, so I wanted to share a bit more about my process today!

Clean Up & Declutter :: Doing a quick pick-up gives you a clean slate & a fresh mind to start your makeover!

(before & after)

Start Small :: Focus on one section at a time. A large area can be so overwhelming if you're trying to take it on all at once!

Anytime you have a small space, painting it a bright & light color will help make the space feel larger! We also knew we would be adding some dark wood & piping, so we wanted to make sure the room looked interesting with the contrast! We also added small touches like faux plants, detergent dispensers, and small cube organizers to provide function and a decor element to the space!

Take Your Time :: Don't feel rushed to make the space look great. Make sure you find things you LOVE & are INSPIRED by!

We really wanted to stick with the farmhouse feel for their laundry closet! So, we used pipes & natural live wood for the shelves. It made it so unique, interesting & functional! We ended up doing DIY piping (I'll link a great pipe shelving option below), cutting wood, and adding stain & poly. (You want to make sure you add a poly coat over the wood stain to protect it from everyday use!) If you aren't able to DIY shelves like this, you can find wood and piping at any local hardware store!

Be Flexible :: Sometimes what we envision just doesn't turn out! Having an open mind & looking at several options will help you find the best set up for you!

Shop your home, thrift stores, or sales for baskets & bins! Organization tools like baskets, bins, or lazy Susans, double as function & decor elements. Being creative with your storage (adding a cube organizer, baskets, shelving, etc.) will make your space look unique, clean, organized, & all done on a low budget!

I hope you guys enjoyed this Farmhouse Makeover video! Be sure to tag me over on Instagram to show me how you've used these tips to makeover your area, big or small!


Don't miss this Farmhouse Makeover GIVEAWAY! I'm always so grateful for the love & support from you guys, so I decided it's time to give back! All you have to do is subscribe to my YouTube Channel, & leave a comment on ALL 4 Farmhouse Makeover Episodes in the series!

Episode 4 // Peaceful Master Bedroom Makeover :: (not yet released)

Stay tuned for the next two episodes of our Farmhouse Makeover Series, coming next week!

Love you guys!!

XO, Amanda

The items from this Farmhouse Makeover are linked below. Items that are not linked were built custom & I'll do my best to add a few options for those below!

Links from this Makeover ::

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Mari De Bruin
Mari De Bruin
16. Nov. 2020

Hi there from south africa this is a very small space but u made it look so nice I cant waite to see what you have up you sleef

Gefällt mir
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