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Kitchen Declutter + Tips!

Hey friends! It's already February somehow, but I'm so excited to share Episode 1 of my Whole House Decluttering Series on my YouTube Channel! In today's Kitchen Declutter With Me video, I'm going through ALL my kitchen items. My goal this year is to live intentionally, with a positive & grateful mindset, and that's exactly what I want in my home as well. I want to bring my home back to an intentional space -- and get rid of clutter in our life!

Click above to watch my Kitchen Declutter With Me video!

I'll be sharing some of my best decluttering tips with y'all in my video, but also in the blog post below! I've found over the years what works for me, and I can't wait to see what helps you!


  1. Clean the space first

  2. Declutter one whole room/space at a time

  3. Don't pull everything out at once... pull things out in small chunks

In today's video, my goal was to declutter my kitchen! I decided to go in and declutter one cabinet or drawer at a time. If I pull everything out, I just feel way too overwhelmed. This way, my decluttering goal is broken down into smaller sections, & I feel motivated to continue as I'm checking off my smaller goals to tackle my big goal -- my kitchen declutter!

3 Q U E S T I O N S

( ask yourself when decluttering)

How does this item benefit my daily life?

Is this truly sentimental?

Would I purchase this item again today?


T I P # 1 ::

Take (some) emotion out of decluttering!

Although it may feel like it at times, not everything in our home has an emotional tie. Think about it for a minute. Does this item really make me feel good? Do I have too many of these, and could I pick a few favorites instead of having them all? Donate & let someone else enjoy it!

T I P # 2 ::

Keep in mind what it will cost to keep.

Everything we own, costs us (not just money). Whether it's space, time, or stress, it's keeping something from us. Is it worth it? Make sure to keep only the items that have a positive purpose in your home! Also... let go of the fact that you spent money on those items in the first place. The money is spent, you won't get it back (unless you resell the items) but keeping them stored in your cabinets won't make a difference in your bank account... only in the mental & physical space.

T I P # 3 ::

You don't have to reorganize immediately!

Organizing can come later! Don't overwhelm yourself by trying to do both decluttering and organizing, take it step by step! Find out what you truly still need, and keep the organizing project for next time. Also... the less you have (and the more you declutter) the less need there is for heavily organization systems.

T I P # 4 ::

Don't feel like you need to fill every space.

Open space is a GOOD thing! Often, we feel the need to fill our empty spaces. Why is that? Instead, allow yourself to keep the empty spaces... empty. If the spaces were holding something unsentimental or unimportant, it was actually COSTING you! - And it will be easier to find the things you're looking for when you don't have to move other unnecessary items to find it.

T I P # 5 ::

Don't declutter just to declutter, AND don't keep something just to keep it!

Make sure you're not getting declutter-happy! It can be hard to do once you get going, especially if you love to declutter. Keep a smaller box of items you are unsure about giving away. If you haven't gone back to use it in a week, donate it! If you have missed it or found purpose for it, it must hold value to you! Be Intentional

T I P # 6 ::

Put decluttered items into a box... easier to store until you can get to a donation center.

You're done decluttering -- way to go! Doesn't it feel great? Now that your donations are all in a box, it's easy to store until donation centers near you are open & available for drop-offs!

I hope you guys found these tips to be helpful. I know they have helped me over the years, every time I declutter any space! Be sure to tag me over on Instagram & share with me your most helpful decluttering tip! I'd love to hear from you!

Love you guys!!

XO, amanda

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