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Guest Bedroom Makeover :: Simple + Functional!!

Hey Hey!! I know we are getting closer to summer, when you may be having guests come pay you a few more visits than usual, and if you’re looking to give your guest bedroom a refresh or a complete makeover… I got you!! I recently transformed our boys old bedroom into a guest bedroom retreat & I am in love with the simplicity of it, and just the entire vibe of it! I will link the full makeover video HERE!  Most of the items were either things we already had, things that I had thrifted, or purchased at discount stores like TJMaxx etc. I also share some tips in a recent vlog on what my process is for starting the room makeover process! Let me know what was your favorite thing about this room makeover, and if you are new to my content, I’ll link my other ROOM MAKEOVERS so you can get more inspiration on other areas in your home! Love you guys!! XO ♡amanda

1 comment

1 Comment

Apr 17, 2020

I just love love you!!! You keep me motivated! I can watch you ALL day :)

As I'm watching you, I'm cleaning. I haven't been this motivated since my son passed away in 2017! Thank you so much for the inspiration! God bless.....

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