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Fall Clean + Decorate (part 2) :: Decorating

Hey guys! The last few weeks on my YouTube Channel, I've been decorating our home for Fall! Last week I shared my Fall Clean + Decorate With Me (Part 1) where I decorated our main living area. Today, I'm sharing an After Dark Clean With Me + Fall Decorate (part 2) in our master bedroom!

I was so excited to give our bedroom a little refresh -- and decorate for my favorite season! I didn't want to do anything overwhelming in there and wanted to keep it super calm & cozy by just adding warm colors & interesting textures to make it feel cozy and fall-like!


  • SHOP YOUR HOME :: This should always come first! Be creative when "shopping". For example, in my recent bathroom makeover at my sister's apartment, we reused a jewelry holder as a towel holder! It worked perfectly and costed us absolutely nothing!

  • THROW PILLOW COVERS :: Buy inserts once & buy covers to change the style, color, texture or mood of the room, on a budget! This can be an easy way to switch out your decor depending on the season, without needing to purchase or store so many pillows! I tend to get most of my throw pillow inserts + covers from Amazon, and have saved the fall ones I love in my Amazon Favorites!

  • THRIFT & RESTORE :: Be open-minded when browsing a thrift store or online marketplace. You can find tons of pieces with good bones that just need a little TLC! On my vlog channel, I shared a Thrift Shop With Me, when I was searching for items to transform our guest room! I can't tell you how many things over the years I have either painted -or- spray painted from something I've thrifted, or already owned! A can of spray paint can completely transform almost anything & not only give it new life, but completely change the style of the item!

  • SHOP DISCOUNT STORES :: Stores like Ross, TJMaxx, Marshalls, etc. sell unique pieces which are highly discounted! I also love sharing deals for items I find online on the app LIKEtoKNOWit so if you're not following me there, definitely do! - So you don't miss any special deals I find or items I'm loving & sharing!

I also wanted to share one of my favorite cleaning tips! It's called SLOW VACUUMING! All you do is do a normal vacuum over your carpet, then go back to revacuum the same space, but very very slowly! You'll be amazed with how much your vacuum comes out of your carpet!! I'll also share the link to my absolute favorite vacuum! (you can see a video clip of it here for reference of how slow to go)

Be sure to tag me over on Instagram & share with me if you've used any of these tips or decorated for Fall this year!!

Love you guys!!

XO, Amanda

Makeover Items ::

More Favorites ::

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Stéphanie Schmitt
Stéphanie Schmitt
Sep 19, 2020

Hi !

Sorry but I'm not very good at english. Yes i'm come from France. I love your decoration, and your recipe ... now I'm hungry lol. Your article is super well written and the photos are beautiful!

Thank you for sharing

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