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Whole House Cleaning Motivation + Oat Bites Recipe!

Hey guys! This week I'm tackling a Whole House Clean With Me this week on my YouTube Channel! It's always a ton of work to get the entire house clean all at once, but I've found it stays cleaner for longer when I do this. I'm of course sharing tips & lots of motivation to help you tackle your todo list right along with me in today's video!

Click above for my Whole House Clean with Me Video!

This time, I tried writing a list down of all the cleaning I wanted to tackle today! I wrote them in order of what makes sense to me, and what will keep me motivated! I always love starting off in my kitchen. I feel like when I have a clean kitchen, I already feel so much better & I'm ready to tackle the other messes in the house!

In today's video, I also shared a delicious snack recipe that has always been a family favorite!


Ingredients ::

  • 2 C rolled oats

  • 1 C peanut butter (or nut butter)

  • 2/3 C honey

  • 1 C ground flax seed

  • 2 C add-ins (if you don't want any add-ins, just add 2 C of oats!)

  • 2 tsp vanilla extract

  • 1 C mini chocolate chips or raisins

*Add-ins can be ANYTHING you love :: coconut flakes, wheat germ, chia seeds, chopped nuts, etc!*

In a large mixing bowl, add ALL ingredients. Mix together until completely combined. Next, roll out oat bites into 1-2 Tbsp balls, and place on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet. Then, place tray into the fridge or freezer until firm. Once firm, place oat bites into an air tight container & store in the fridge. Enjoy!!

These oat bites could not be any easier to make & the best part is, everyone in our family enjoys it!

Be sure to tag me over on Instagram when you've tried these energy oat bites & let me know how you like them! If you've added something different, I'd love to hear about it!

Love you guys!!

XO, amanda

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