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Basement Makeover :: Episode 3

Hey guys, welcome to my Basement Makeover :: Episode 3! It has been so much fun to makeover the boys' room & especially fun to share with y'all! On my YouTube Channel, I've been sharing our Basement Makeover Series these last few weeks! Today, Kyle & I are tackling our son, Liam's (age 6) bedroom makeover! He's definitely one of my quieter boys (just like I was growing up), so seeing his personality shine in his room decor choices was so special!

Clean Up & Declutter :: Doing a quick pick-up gives you a clean slate & a fresh mind to start your makeover!

Walking into his room, as crazy as it was, and expecting to transform it was super overwhelming! Just a quick vacuum & just taking everything OUT gave my mind some clarity & helped me know where I wanted to start!

Be Flexible :: Sometimes what we envision just doesn't turn out! Having an open mind & looking at several options will help you find the best set up for you!

Lots of Liam's room decor was DIY'd! It was so fun to add a personal touch while saving some money by choosing DIY instead of buying pre-made! (I show how to create these DIY canvases in the YouTube video! As I put the canvases on the wall (using velcro command strips as usual lol), I realized I needed something to break it up.. so I used a wide permanent marker & added some black edges to the canvases to make it pop!

Start Small :: Focus on one section at a time. A large area can be so overwhelming if you're trying to take it on all at once!

Liam's room has about three focal points: the toy area, study area & lounge corner! While decorating, focusing on ONE section at a time made the room makeover so much easier to take on! Taking it STEP BY STEP helped me focus in one an area at a time, and slowly finding ways to tie it all together!

Take Your Time :: Don't feel rushed to make the space look great. Make sure you find things you LOVE & are INSPIRED by!

Liam was so excited to see his new Minecraft room! It was definitely a project that took a lot of time to put together! (and lots of preplanning) Adding things from other parts of our home, changing the bed frame, and crafting & spray painting decor all pulled it together into a room we are so in love with!

In my boys bedroom makeovers, I want to make sure it reflects the boys' personality & interests, so I involved Liam in many of the decor choices. I wanted to make sure the space was filled with what HE would enjoy, so he would truly love his new room! Then, of course, I add my own touches to make it look nice & put together! { BEFORE + AFTER below!! }

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Love you guys!!

XO, Amanda

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