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DIY Bathroom :: Basement Makeover | Episode 6

Hey guys!! Today on my YouTube Channel, we are FINALLY finishing the basement bathroom! This has been a long time coming, but I'm so excited to finally share the final project in our basement!

Click above to watch our Basement Makeover :: Episode 6!

Recently on my channel, I announced we are moving to Arizona! As much as we will miss this house + all the work we've put into it, it's been so neat to see the final product finally come together.

This bathroom makeover needed more done than your usual makeover, because it was completely unfinished! We started out with flooring + tiling (not filmed), and ended up with a completely finished bathroom! (Besides a shower door, which is on its way!) I'll be sharing some of my favorite makeover tips for y'all that can be applied to ANY space you makeover!


It can get a bit messy, so starting with a clean space will help you feel less overwhelmed & also help you see problem areas. We definitely experienced mess this time, as we were making it over during construction! Cleaning the space up gave us a blank slate + fresh mind to know what we wanted to do with the space.


Our boys came down several times throughout the process, but our son Liam, 7, really took an interest! Involving him made him feel like he was an important part of the process, and it created great family time + memories as well.


Things in life don't always go as planned... and home makeovers are no exception. Don't let it get you down! Keep going, even if you have to take a break or two to refresh yourself... the end result will look amazing! We had to change shelving, wait for a plumber to attach the pipes, and always last minute changes + interruptions!


Room makeovers take a lot of preparation to plan all my ideas! As I focus on one area at a time, I can really focus on what will work in that space to be functional. Then, once my plans for each spot are ready, I can add or take out items to tie it all together! Don't feel rushed to make the space look great. Make sure you find things you LOVE & are INSPIRED by! I wanted to make sure this bathroom was functional & gave off a welcoming look. I felt this makeover did just that! The makeover ended up taking longer than we thought, but we were back at it the next day & so happy with how it all came together! We're so glad we finished the space before we have to say goodbye and move to Arizona!

Now that our Basement Makeover Series is officially DONE, it all just feels surreal! This has been a dream to put together the basement for our home and family. We are sad to leave this home, but also SO excited for our journey to Arizona & so excited for the family who bought our home to (hopefully) enjoy it as much as we have! Stay tuned for our Moving to Arizona Series over on my YouTube channel! PLUS a brand new makeover series starting in just a few days!!

Love you guys!!

XO, Amanda

Items used ::

My Favorites ::

Paint Color -- Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

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Lori Varone Lovell
Lori Varone Lovell
01. Apr. 2021

I love watching your videos. I have learned a lot for decluttering and cleaning. I have also started buying some of the products you use. I love The Dawn Powerwashing spray. And I keep looking for the Method furniture cleaner. Keep up the great work. Can't wait to see next week's new videos. As well as the move to Arizona! Best to you and your family. Have a blessed Easter! xo Lori

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