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Arizona Patio Makeover

Hey guys! We're settling into our Arizona home, and today we're tackling our patio makeover! I'm so excited with how this turned out. It makes being out on the patio so inviting. It's perfect for when family + friends come over, or enjoying it quietly by ourselves! In today's video on my YouTube Channel, I'm going to be sharing our makeover, as well as some links for items I used!

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Before starting I makeover, I always ask:

What are the problems in this space?

What are the functions you want to accomplish in this space?


First of all, the stained concrete needed a good cleaning! After we took out our rug and all our lawn seating we were using... Kyle took the pressure washer & his soap cannon & gave the concrete a good wash down!


You'll notice our patio furniture is made out of 3 different sets... I did this because I wanted to break up part of the set to use in our other balcony, and I think it gave our patio a custom look while still staying on a budget! Also, focusing on one piece at a time will keep you from feeling overwhelmed + eventually the whole picture will come together.




In any makeover, there's always going to be hiccups -- and things may turn out to be totally different than you had pictured in your mind! Be patient with yourself and roll with the punches! Sometimes it ends up turning out even better than you planned.

My goal with this patio was to maximize the seating for not only our family, but any guests we may have over! We wanted to make sure the patio was both functional, comfortable, + aesthetically pleasing... and I think we accomplished it all! I'm so excited to share this makeover with you guys, let me know what you think about it over on my Instagram!

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Love you guys!!

XO, amanda

Items I used ::

My Favorites ::


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