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22 Moving Hacks & Tips

Hey guys! If you've been following my YouTube Channel, you've joined us on this new journey... moving to Arizona! When we moved to Utah, we really thought this would be our forever home, so it's definitely been bittersweet + emotional to leave! We loved Utah, but are so excited for the new house, new adventures + new experiences!

In today's video, I'm sharing 22 of my best packing & moving tips! If you're moving soon, or just joining us for the ride, I hope these tips will help you!!

T I P # 1 ::

Try to use more small/medium sized boxes so they aren't too heavy!

T I P # 2 ::

Get used boxes from your local grocery store - they're FREE!!

T I P # 3 ::

Use styrofoam plates to separate your plates - it works great & you can reuse them!

T I P # 4 ::

Use paper towels to pack with because you can reuse them once you move in!

T I P # 5 ::

Don't be afraid to cut down the packing paper! You can get way more use for your money!!

T I P # 6 ::

Use garage sale stickers to stick on your boxes to easily see what room/floor they go in!

T I P # 7 ::

Work on one room at a time! It will motivate you by showing progress but also keep you focused!

T I P # 8 ::

Work on one room at a time! It will motivate you by showing progress but also keep you focused!

T I P # 9 ::

Make UNPACKING easier by packing one drawer/cabinet at a time!

T I P # 10 ::

Be specific when labeling where a box goes AND what's inside of it!

T I P # 11 ::

Use this packing plastic wrap -or- press & seal to keep things together or protected!

T I P # 12 ::

Get creative & use towels, etc. to pack & protect fragile items!

T I P # 13 ::

Use cheap silverware & dishes to avoid using disposable - it's cheaper too!!

T I P # 14 ::

Be picky on what furniture & decor you take with you -- what works in one home may not work in the next!

T I P # 15 ::

Put together lots of boxes at once & things will run smoother (like an assembly line)!

T I P # 16 ::

Label at least 3 sides of each box so that no matter where you grab it, it's easy to see where it goes!

T I P # 17 ::

Vacuum seal pillows & fluffy bedding (dollar tree is a great place to find these!!)

T I P # 18 ::

Put AS MANY THINGS into boxes as you can! It will make loading go smoother & save space!

T I P # 19 ::

Only pack LIGHT things into the large boxes... you'll thank me later!!

T I P # 20 ::

Use blankets for extra padding - don't just pack them alone.. get more use from them!

T I P # 21 ::

Did you know about TV boxes?? They're pricey, but they protect TV's well!!

T I P # 22 ::

When packing hanging clothing, cut a slit into a trash bag, slip it over several hangers, and tie at the bottom!!

B O N U S M O V I N G T I P !!

Look into - we have used them twice & they drop off a trailer, you load it up, then they deliver it to your new home. It's around the same cost as u-haul but

you don't have to drive... they can even store it if needed.

Also, be sure to follow me over on Instagram & tag me in YOUR packing process (if you're moving too), -OR- tell me your best packing tips!

Love you guys!!

XO, amanda

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