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Kitchen + Pantry Transformation :: DIY Tips on a Budget!

Hello Hello! I shared a Kitchen & Pantry Makeover video today on my YouTube channel. I was able to visit my sister & her family and help her declutter & transform her kitchen & pantry into a beautiful AND functional space! These transformations included a small budget DIY & home makeover tips that I'm sharing with you guys today! Also all of the products used in todays video are linked at the bottom of this post & here.

DIY Spice Drawer Rack

Supplies ::

  • Foam board

  • Hot Glue

  • Colored Contact paper (optional)

Instructions ::

  1. Choose a drawer & measure the length and width

  2. Using exact-o-knife, gently cut the foam board at about the height of your tallest spice. *Do not cut all the way through! Cut gently, about halfway through the board, and bend the board without snapping it in half!

  3. Flip over foam board & cut about 1 1/2 inch above the first cut.

  4. Repeat these steps for the length of the drawer. *Next hot glue the bent board to a straight board on the bottom in order to keep it sturdy & in place! - this is shown in my YouTube video.

  5. Carefully cover in contact paper, slowly & carefully pushing out bubbles and shaping it to your foam board, trimming where needed.

The supplies for these DIY updates were all bought at Dollar Tree! It really is amazing what difference you can make while staying on a budget!

Transformation Tips on a Budget ::

  • Shop your home first! Repurpose items you already have, even grab a can of spray paint & transform it to something "new"

  • Declutter - this can make a HUGE impact while costing nothing

  • Check Dollar Tree for containers, baskets, contact paper, etc!

  • Add in a few items from other stores to still stay on a budget, but really elevate the look of your Dollar Tree items.

  • Be patient & transform over time! It doesn't need to be all done at once if it is overwhelming or ends up being too costly at one time.

Also in today's video, I teamed up with TopCashBack and I'm excited to be able to give you guys a $10 sign up bonus when you spend $25! Signing up & using the app is free! I've been using TopCashBack for close to two years now and have found that with shopping online through TopCashBack, I've been able to save so much money!

I hope you guys enjoyed following me along this kitchen & pantry transformation at my sisters home. It is so fun to share these tips with you guys & hear how you've used them in your own spaces! Be sure to tag me over on Instagram, @thiscrazylifevlog & show off the transformations in your space!

A few months ago, I transformed my other sister's pantry which originally had wire shelving, into a new, updated & functional space on a very small budget. That video is linked here if you would like to learn tips on transforming a wire-shelved pantry!

Love you guys!

XO, Amanda

Links for items used in today's video ::

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