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Homemaking Short-Cuts to SAVE Money & Time

In a perfect world, we would make absolutely healthy meals for ourselves & our family, without spending hardly any time in the kitchen... and we would also do it on a super low budget. Unfortunately, that's not always how it works, especially with the economy being what it is right now. Now occasionally, we find little short cuts, or ways to make those homemaking wishes, a reality! Well today, I've found a few time saving, money saving, sanity saving, healthy options to make homemaking a bit more enjoyable!


If you've followed me for a long time, this will come at no surprise to you, but my go to for our families homemaking needs is Walmart! They consistently have the BEST prices, they have a huge selection, with Walmart Delivery, it couldn't be more convenient since everything is delivered to your door, and to top it off, they have new finds all the time, including some of the ones I'll be sharing below! And if you're a new customer, you can use the promo code TRIPLE10 to save $10 off your first Three pickup -or- delivery orders!! $50 minimum. Restrictions & fees apply.


Y'all may know I have struggled with Hashimoto's for the past several years, and I've finally, recently found what works for my body (helping me to feel better & lose 20+lbs) ... that is the AIP diet, and I have slowly transitioned to eating Paleo (always gluten & dairy free). Sometimes I've found this creates more work in having to find something that not only I can eat, but also something that my family will enjoy. Anytime I find something that checks both boxes, you'll find me doing a little happy dance! All of the finds I'll be sharing below check all the boxes!


These simmer sauce pouches are an incredible find because they are shelf stable, paleo (this includes being gluten & dairy free) & they pull together a main dish in 10 minutes or less!

These come in several different varieties... some are made for chicken, others are intended for beef, and they all have incredible flavors! Inside each pouch is a delicious sauce & on the back is a recipe to use it!

To use them, just begin sautéing 1 lb. of your choice of meat with a little oil, then once it's fully cooked, reduce the heat, pour the simmer sauce over top & sauté for one more minute.

Then serve with your favorite side dishes! I know it feels like there wasn't much to those directions, and that's because there really isn't much work on your end, but the final product is drool-worthy! You can order these individually from -or- you can order the Beef Variety Pack or Chicken Variety Pack to see which is your families favorite!


These fully cooked entrees take the simplicity one step further if you can believe it... and they are ready to enjoy in just 5 minutes, by popping them in the microwave!

They include the fully cooked meat along with the sauce! You can easily add some steamed veggies next to this and you'll have a great meal in front of you! This one also comes in different varieties... my personal favorite is the Cilantro Lime Chicken! YUMMM


This last find is incredible for a snack, or a quick breakfast on one of those "rushing to get out the door" mornings... I know we all have them! This little pouch is filled with lots of healthy fruits AND veggies to blend together with your liquid of choice... we prefer water or almond milk.

All you do, is dump it all into a blender, and you have a single serving smoothie ready in minutes! These come in several varieties as well & since they're frozen, they're ready when you are!

And if you have more time to enjoy them, you could also add less liquid to these, add a few toppings & create your own homemade smoothie bowl!


Homemaking is a blessing to everyone around us... but sometimes it can feel a bit mundane & challenging to stay motivated. Over the years I've found, mixing things up & changing up routines can help keep our repetitive days feeling fresh & a bit more exciting! I hope these new finds & tips can help make your homemaking journey a bit easier & be a part of sparking that excitement that we sometimes lose over time!


Let me know which of today's new Walmart finds intrigued you the most! And don't forget... for new customers, you can use the promo code TRIPLE10 to save $10 off your first Three pickup -or- delivery orders!! $50 minimum. Restrictions & fees apply. If you haven't tried it already, I HIGHLY recommend Walmart delivery... it saves our family so much time & money every single week!!





I'm so excited to have partnered with Walmart in this post! I shop at Walmart every week & being able to find new ways to make homemaking more enjoyable for you is a huge win! Thank you for being here & supporting my channel & blog! Some links in this post are affiliate. #WalmartPartner #Walmart #WalmartGrocery #WalmartFinds

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