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Basement Makeover :: Episode 4

Hey guys, welcome to my Basement Makeover :: Episode 4! I've been sharing our Basement Makeover Series these last few weeks & I can't believe we are here already, on our third & final bedroom makeover in the basement! It has made me so happy to makeover the boys' rooms & living space downstairs & especially fun to share with y'all! Today on my YouTube Channel, Luke's (age 9) bedroom got a makeover! Luke is my oldest, and especially with doing online school this year, I wanted to make sure his room felt "older" & was also a good place to do school work, while still being a part of the FUN of a 10 year old!

Clean Up & Declutter :: Doing a quick pick-up gives you a clean slate & a fresh mind to start your makeover!

First, I wanted to clear out the space in order to figure out where I want to put everything to make it functional for him! A quick pick-up & vacuum really gets me focused & motivated to get started!

Be Flexible :: Sometimes what we envision just doesn't turn out! Having an open mind & looking at several options will help you find the best set up for you!

Things in life don't always go as planned... and home makeovers are no exception. Don't let it get you down! Keep going, even if you have to take a break or two to refresh yourself... the end result will look amazing! We had to wait for paint to dry, fix & build pieces of furniture, and last minute runs to the store! We ran out of motivation for the night, but we were back at it the next day & so happy with how it all came together!

Start Small :: Focus on one section at a time. A large area can be so overwhelming if you're trying to take it on all at once!

Room makeovers take a lot of preparation to plan all my ideas, and I usually end up with a ton of items! As I focus on one area of the room at a time, I can really focus on what will work in that space to be functional. Then, once my plans for each spot are ready, I can add or take out items to tie it all together!

Take Your Time :: Don't feel rushed to make the space look great. Make sure you find things you LOVE & are INSPIRED by!

I wanted to make sure this room was functional, fun, & a space for Luke to grow into. I felt this makeover did just that! We are all so excited about the space -- we're so glad we painted and switched things out to make this room what it is now!

In my boys bedroom makeovers, I want to make sure the boys' personality & interests were reflected, so I involved Luke in many of the decor choices! He was so HAPPY to be involved! I wanted to make sure the space was filled with what HE would enjoy, and I know making over this room will be a fun memory for all of us! Then, as usual, I add my own touches to make it look nice & put together!

L A S T C H A N C E ! !

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Love you guys!!

XO, Amanda

Links from this Makeover ::

Paint Color -- Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter & Poppyseed from Behr

Bed frame, dresser & desk is from Ikea, other decor items not linked is from Marshalls or Hobby Lobby


Tina George Saxon
Tina George Saxon
Sep 29, 2020

Where did you get the quilt for Luke's room that you ended up not using?


Deborah Morrill-Pruitt
Deborah Morrill-Pruitt
Aug 17, 2020

Absolutely love every room. Love the curtains ❤️


Aug 14, 2020

I loved each of their makeovers. Every room fit their personality.

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