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18 Tips for Moving In + Unpacking

Hey guys!! We've finally made it into our Arizona home... animals, plants, kids & all! We're so excited to be here and have been living in the pool, enjoying the sunshine!

As we've been starting to unpack.. I wanted to share some of my best unpacking tips with you guys!! In today's video on my YouTube Channel, I am bringing you all along with me as we start to unpack our boxes and make this place our new home!

Click the video above to watch & hear all my tips

T I P # 1 :: Tidy/clean up your space before unpacking to avoid extra chaos!

T I P # 2 :: As you set up furniture, add on felt pads so you don't forget later!

T I P # 3 :: Be strategic about where you pack your items. Imagine how you want your home to function as you unpack!

T I P # 4 :: Focus on one space at a time... don't jump around from room to room, + you'll stay focused and productive!

T I P # 5 :: Unpack the essentials first... such as kitchen, bathroom, + clothes!

T I P # 6 :: Be creative with what packing materials/items you can reuse, recycle, or pass along to someone else.

T I P # 7 :: Don't stress about organizing -- put things away now + organize them later!

T I P # 8 :: To make the quickest progress, always empty one box before opening a new box... it will keep you more focused + also seeing 5 fully emptied boxes is more motivating than 10 half empty ones!

T I P # 9 :: To make unpacking more enjoyable -- listen to a podcast, music, or audiobook, but don't watch TV!

T I P # 10 :: Keep a "donate" box handy for anything you forgot to donate before you moved, or decided you don't want anymore!

T I P # 11 :: Don't aim for perfection... done is so much better than perfect!

T I P # 12 :: Immediately move empty boxes into a centralized area in your home -- it shows how much you've accomplished (while also creating more room around you to continue working!)

T I P # 13 :: Don't unpack a box that you don't need unpacked right away. If you don't have a decent place to put things, just wait!

T I P # 14 :: Give yourself grace... it doesn't all happen in a day!!

T I P # 15 :: Take your time... enjoy your home while you unpack!

T I P # 16 :: Think of one word... of how you'll feel once you're finished unpacking, and let that word motivate you!

T I P # 17 :: Donate all the boxes that are in good shape to someone that's moving (post on FB marketplace!)

T I P # 18 :: Don't do it all yourself! Involve your spouse or kids!

Follow me over on Instagram to see more moving-in updates! If any of you are moving into a new space, tag me in your progress

Love you guys!!

XO, Amanda

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